Answers to Some Common Questions

About Our Guild

Windspear Clan is one of the oldest guilds with the same leadership from day one. Guild formed Jan 2005. I believe that is something most guilds cannot offer. Our goals are to have a guild were everyone can come online and enjoy the game; and have a place to get help and socialize. When you ask for help you must also remember that other people maybe busy doing a quest, a dungeon, or raids; and are not always available to help. We are an easy going guild and are looking for people that do not create drama or attack people in a mean way. We are a raiding guild and try our best to progress in dungeon content, but it is not a requirement to raid to be in the guild.

What Are Our Guild Rules?

1. Be cool, No Drama
2. Don't Ninja items
3. No guild Chat Spamming

Inviting to the Guild

If you know someone and/or have played with someone and they would like to join our guild, ask them to check out our website so they understand our guild. We want to make sure we are a fit for them as well as they are a fit for us. Then have them send me a tell to one of the elders for an invite. We are always recruiting good people. Click to Apply to Guild

Rank Promotion

When you get invited to the guild you will normally start as a scout. As you play the game you will get promoted up to Knight. Knight is the top level for non-raiders. If you join and would like to Raid you need to let the War Chief or one of the Elders know you would like to start Raiding. Raiders must be max level in the game and have gear from Heroics or purchase Epic gear to be an asset to the Raid. Gear must have Sockets full and Enchants. The Elite Raider status will be untainted by getting gear during Raid Dungeons and your gear and skill will allow you to do the harder Raid Dungeons.