Guild Info

About Our Guild

Windspear Clan is one of the oldest guilds, formed Jan 8, 2005 with the same GM from day one. I believe that is something most guilds cannot offer. Our goals are to have a guild were everyone can come online and enjoy the game; and have a place to get help and socialize. We are an easy going guild and are looking for people that do not create drama or attack people in a mean way. We are a raiding guild and try our best to progress in dungeon content, but it is not a requirement to raid to be in the guild.


1. Windspear Clan is an adult guild (18+)
2. Abusive language, politics, racism, etc will not be tolerated in Guild Chat.(No Drama)
3. You represent Windspear Clan outside of the Guild Chat as well, behave appropriately.
4. If you have questions or concerns, don't hesitate to talk to an officer.
5. In case of inside guild confrontation, turn to an officer for help.
6. Do your part to make Windspear Clan a welcoming place.

Getting an Invite

Interested in joining the guild? We’d love to have you in our family. There are three ways to get an invite: apply to the guild via the website by clicking here to to Apply to Guild apply via the in-game guild finder, or talk to an officer (officers can be found on the contacts page)