Answers to Some Common Questions

About Our Guild

Windspear Clan is one of the oldest guilds, formed Jan 8, 2005 with the same GM from day one. I believe that is something most guilds cannot offer. Our goals are to have a guild were everyone can come online and enjoy the game; and have a place to get help and socialize. We are an easy going guild and are looking for people that do not create drama or attack people in a mean way. We are a raiding guild and try our best to progress in dungeon content, but it is not a requirement to raid to be in the guild.

What Are Our Guild Rules?

1. Be cool, No Drama
2. Don't Ninja items
3. No guild Chat Spamming
4. Keep Language in guild chat clean until midnight

Getting an Invite

Interested in joining the guild? We’d love to have you in our family. There are three ways to get an invite: apply to the guild via the website by clicking here to to Apply to Guild apply via the in-game guild finder, or talk to an officer (officers can be found on the contacts page)

Guild Ranks

Grunts - For new members on trial and non-max level alts of less active members
Protector - For new members after trial period and max level alts
Clan Champion - Standard rank for members
Gladiator - For those who primarily PvP
Raider - For members who come to at least 1 raid a week
Elite Raider - For members who come to the main 3 raid days and are part of the “core” team
Lt. Commander - Officer rank, for members who are exceptionally helpful to the guild
Elder - Raid leader rank
Warchief - GM, Windrider

If there are any questions about guild ranks, ask an officer and they’ll be happy to explain more in depth.