Monday / Tuesday / Thursday

6:30pm - 9:00pm server (invites start at 6:00pm server)

Raid Requirements/Guidelines

1. Have fun, That is why we are here, afterall! But pay attention to Raid Leads and follow instrutions. The goal is to have fun, but No one is having fun when we are continually waiting on someone or wiping because people are goofing off or away from
their computer when the Raid is ready to pull

2. Please sign up for raids on the event calendar. Raid nights are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 6:30 pm - to 9:00 pm Server time, with invites starting at 6:00 pm

*Some Fridays we do chill raid for alts and people that can't make the normal Raids.
Also, if you signed up and can not make it to Raid. Post on Forums under "Raids Thead for missing raid" and / or let one of the Raid Leads know.

* If you can only make part of the Raid, please let us know before we start. We don't have a problem but need to know incase we need to replace

3. Be on time. Invites start at 6:00 pm server time. We would like to start pulling at 6:30 pm.

4. You will be expected to raid with your main for progression. After a raid tier is on farm, we may consider allowing people to bring alts as long as they fit the raiding requirements for that tier.

5. People who sign up and have consistent attendance will be given priority for Raid invites

6. You may be asked to drop if you are not able to perform to the level needed for progression

7. Please take the time to watch videos and read guides on the current bosses we are working on. We will post links on the forums and Discord. This will increase the fun that we will all have by not wasting unnecessary time with progression

* It is always easier to understand what the Raid leader is going over if you have some idea of the fight.

8. Please come to the raid ready to focus and kill stuff. Have your (Gear, Gems, Chants, Potions, Food, Flask, ect..), The Guild will assist when it can,
so please check the Guild Bank and ask if you are having trouble getting ready

9. Please make sure you have all the required add-ons before raid begins (please see downloads for optional addons, etc):
a. Discord - VOIP for guild uses, No mic required
b. Deadly Boss Mods - Raid Info and warnings
c. RC - Loot Council - Raid Loot Distribution
d. Exorsus Raid Tools - Raid Boss Assist
e. WeakAuras 2 - Raid Boss Assist
e. Astral Keys - Mythic Group Assist

10. Please sign up for the forums and use your Main Guild toon name. Post and help others with information on Quests, Leveling,
Classes, Items, ect.. share your knowledge