Answers to Raider Questions

How Do I Get into Raids?

Must read up on all the fights or watch videos. Everything you need to know is up on the websites, register on the Forums. "Be ready if you truly want to raid"

New Raider Trial

New Raiders will have a 2 week trial before becoming a main raider. Persons should not transfer servers until or if they agree to this policy.


Someone that has worked on getting gear and studied up on raids with gear (gems and chants) has downloaded and installed required Add-on's

Elite Raider

The best of the Raiders, more hard core. Signs up for forums and expected to check every week for new info, check calendar - sign up & shows up before raid times and is ready, continues to get better to help the raid progress

Why am I not an Elite Raider

1. I signed up but do not always show up. (in case you are not sure you can make it to raid use Tentitive)
2. Always standing in fire. Not moving or doing what is needed to make the raid successful (Max DPS or Heals is not always helpful)
3. Not signed up on forums
4. Signed up on forums but not checking each week
5. Failing to inform Raid group in Forums if they can not make the Raid

Raiding Invites

1. Have Raid Rank Status in the guild
2. Sign up for the Raid and be online and ready for invites 15 minutes before the start time
3. People that signup and come to raids more will get first option to raid, Elite Raiders will take invite priority,
4. During raid progression we will not be swapping if possible in order to keep the group focused. In some cases we will ask people to drop if they are not performing or their class is not good for the boss fight. If someone can’t make it to the raid, Raid Leader we will fill their spot with raiders on standby. 5. Standby Raiders should be online and ready for summons (Raiders that are online will take priority replacement

Normal, Heroic 10 - 25 Group RAIDS

If you want to start raiding, you need to make sure your gear is ready(That includes Gems, Chants). You can talk with a elder or Guild Master for advice. Current raiding requires max level, Gear from 5 man heroics, Mythic Dungeons and/or LFR Raids. We expect people to put in the time to get ready. Then talk with a elder or Guild Master to add you to the signup list.

20 Mythic Group RAIDS

Before invites to these RAIDS you need to run Heroic Groups first. Learn the bosses and getting gear will get you ready for Heroic RAIDS.

Scheduled Leave

Raiders if needed can take up to 1 week/3 raid days before losing their place in raid invites and becoming standby. Scheduled leave is limited to 4 times per year.

Raid Loot Rules

Loot Master will call out for rolls and(Has last say on loot distribution)
1. Must have EPGP LootMaster Installed
2. Main Spec roll
3. Side or minor upgrade
4. Off Spec roll
5. Transmog

Guild Toon Raid Rules:

Must pick a toon to be a Main Raider select a main Spec for "Main Spec Rolls" Guild will not set aside gear for a person Mains toons win over Alts, unless RAID ask someone to switch from Main to ALT or the Raid has Pugs If you can't make the full run you must say before you get (invite/Start) of the RAID and have someone that can replace you that is on standby. Take time to watch videos on dungeon fights and give advice if you see problems. "Tankspot" makes very good videos on fights

Addons and Software Requirements (please see downloads for optional addons, etc):

1. Mumble - Voice over IP Guild communication

2. Deadly Boss Mods - Raid Info and warnings

3. EPGP - Loot Master - Raid Loot Distribution

4. Exorsus - Raid Boss Assist